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I am sanguine dominant in temperament, the percentage is about 60% sanguine and 20% plegmatic

Easily excited by external influences, reacting quickly, although the impression is often short-lived. There is somewhat of a superficiality, or better said, lack of depth (part v. whole relationship), in the sanguine personality. The sanguine commonly follows others and has little stability as a result. Fickle in ideas, opinions, and resolutions. Changes moods often (from laughter to tears in a matter of seconds). The sanguine rarely internalizes his/her focus and instead devotes attention to the external (his/her appearance, and of others, to beautiful faces, fashions and manners). The sanguine is full of optimism.

Vanity and self=complacency, loving the appearance of his/herself and the praise of others. The sanguine is very inclined to flirt, and has a great degree of jealous tendencies. The sanguine cannot be left alone. There is a cheerfulness and love of pleasure that accompany the desire to always have someone around to enjoy life with. The sanguine decision are likely to be the wrong decisions, their undertaking fail easily since they believe success is inevitable and will therefore take it for granted, they are unstable, and they have little understanding of themselves since they rarely internalize conflict.

Everyone loves and knows the sanguine. He/she has the most friends and easily makes new friends. This is the extrovert of the four temperaments. The sanguine is extremely friendly, pleasant, and willing to accommodate. Is often found entertaining others, is compassionate towards others, and is graced with the gift of calling others out on their faults without bringing humiliation or displeasure. Very virtuous. Rarely shows resentment or defiance. Wishes the best for everyone.

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